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The boarding life at the British of Lomé is unique – a home-away-from-home experience. The school and boarding facilities are set in comfortable surroundings in  Résidence du Bénin –La Caisse. This is Lome’s most select and attractive residential area. If you choose to board with us you will find a close-knit community where the friends you make are for a lifetime.

Alumni, parents and friends of the school attest to that, and it is the hallmark of the school. Boarders live in houses on the Residence close to the main school campus. If you want to learn and develop your talents in a happy, positive and productive environment, this is the right school for you. If you need support and guidance to discover and reach your full potential, this is the best choice to make.

The school site is secure yet welcoming, offering learners freedom of movement in a reassuringly safe environment unrivalled in other large West African cities. We are just 10 minutes north of the city centre and 5 minutes from Lome airport. Among the school’s neighbours in the green,quiet and beautifully maintained street are a host of ambassadorial and diplomatic residences and the Togolese Presidential Palace.

We understand that our boarding students have come here seeking the best form of pastoral care and so, within an internationally structured environment, we provide our boarders with an education tailored to their individual needs within a British framework with emphasis on the traditional African values of  discipline, respect and compassion.

Supervised prep time six times a week provides quiet time for learners to complete their homework. The students have access to the computer suite after school and on Saturdays. There are also special Saturday activities, Christian services on Sunday and an on site Mosque area for Muslim students who are very ably supported by our school based Imam. We also provide at a parent’s request transportation to other religious services sites in town whenever it is possible.

We recognise that good food is especially important to borders . School food is freshly prepared ‘international cuisine’ with a West African influence and there is plenty of it. Each day we offer varied breakfasts, mid morning drinks, cooked lunches and suppers; as well as snacks after school and before bed each night. We provide lots of healthy fruit and vegetables, ideal for a  growing mind and body. Special occasions are celebrated with special meals. 

Prospective parents and those of newly enrolled boarding students joining our school should be assured that their wards are going to be challenged academically and at the same time provided with an enabling environment ideal for nurturing their innate, creative qualities. Our dedicated team of boarding houseparents is responsible for the daily care of boarders and their general welfare. Houseparents guide the boarders through their journey here at school working closely with the parents of the learners to make sure that they get the very best out of their experiences here at BSL. We pride ourselves in helping instil in our boarders a sense of integrity, independence, community and teaching them to respect the values and viewpoints of others.

The information on our web pages  will help inform you about how the boarding section at BSL is run and answer some questions you may have. If you happen to have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at admissions@bsl.tg