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The heart of this school is the people, young and old, who are associated to us one way or another: our school community.

We aim to have a roll of 450. The school will then still be small enough to remain family-focused, but big enough to offer a generous range of subjects to our senior scholars, our IB Diploma candidates and to be the best international school in the region.

Our energy is focused on improving the learning experiences of our children and young adults, but we should also be aware of our role and responsibilities to ensure that our community is a developing community of learners, and that we champion the ideal of being life-long learners, as we have a duty to ensure that life skills are taught, and that important knowledge is imparted.


The School Motto is ENDEAVOUR IS ALL.

The school motto reflects our concern that all of our young people work to the best of their abilities regardless of their academic prowess, as should all other members of our school community.


We aim to encourage our learners:

To think for themselves, to be independent in their judgements, to have the courage and intelligence to make up their own minds on issues and to stick to their opinions unless the evidence clearly shows them that they are wrong, in which case they should be open-minded enough to admit their error.