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Mr Ernest Dagbovie is the boy’s Houseparent  and Mrs Eunice Dagbovie is the girl’s Houseparent. Both staff are long serving and dedicated to those in their care.

There are two trained nurses on duty during the school day from 7:30am – 4:00pm; there is always one of them on duty after school and through the night. The nurses can be called anytime to attend to emergencies by the Houseparents.

Boarding students are not permitted to have prescribed medication on them. The school nurses need to be informed about students with special health needs and conditions. Alcoholic and tobacco products are strictly prohibited. Penknives and lighters are also not allowed.

The school has specialist doctors it refers to in cases of serious and specific illnesses – dentist, ophthalmologist, general surgeon, pediatrician, ENT specialist and a psychologist.

The nurses also serve as a ‘safety net’ for communication and help provide emotional care and support for boarders. There is always someone to listen to your child  and to talk to them.