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Mr Ernest Dagbovie 

‘‘The most interesting and invaluable thing in my two decades working with boarding at BSL has been the wealth of diversity I have been exposed to. I have had the joy in playing ‘parent’ to students from all around the world – from faraway places in Africa (Lesotho and Eswatini) and all the way from Guyana and Australia. It is a gladdening feeling knowing that I helped shape and influence some very fine young girls and boys who have grown into incredibly responsible, high achieving young women and men making BSL proud wherever in the world they find themselves. I must admit that the experience has not been just one way. I, too, have benefited and continue to benefit from the work I do with boarders and the entire student body (my outlook on education, especially international education, which I recommend highly to parents has been positively impacted by students).

I keep in touch with several alumni and some I meet occasionally who are now very good friends. I now know and think it true when the old students say that the friends they made here at BSL are amongst the best friends they have and cherish the relationships.

The boarding community and the school at large will forever be the close family environment that it always has been.’’

Mrs Eunice Dagbovie 

‘’I have been a nurse here at BSL since 1997. It has been an interesting twenty four year experience working with both day and boarding students as well as the entire school community. I have enjoyed stints in the primary section of school where I had the opportunity to work with the children in crèche and in the boarding section for a while.

I learned a lot from that time and it did give and still does give me joy to see how the students grow and mature into young adults. I have lots of good memories of the school and amongst them are school trips with students to Ghana, Benin, Senegal, The United Kingdom and a few other local trips within Togo. This enriched my knowledge of diversity and other cultures.

Keeping in touch with alumni, some of whom I get the chance to see often just goes to prove that I (we as a school) have done well in positively impacting the lives of young people as much as they have mine, and it is heartwarming to learn of their various success stories.

BSL is a beautiful family environment!’’