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General Application Process

Primary students
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How to Apply

  • As part of the application process, we require some documentation such as:

  1. Birth Certificate / Passport

  2. Vaccination Certificate

  3. Previous School reports

  4. Confidential reference (downloadable from the school website, completed and return via email :

  • Entrance examination for Year 3 and up students

Students joining our programmes (Year 3 onward) take entrance test,the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4). For more information about our entrance test please click here

To schedule a test, please contact our Admissions office at .

  • Additional requirements for IB applicants

Students applying for entry into the IB Diploma Programme who have taken the IGCSE must submit their results.​


  • I am late
    You must sign in at reception.
  • I am absent
    Ask your parents to contact the school and write a note which you should present to your tutor when you return and send an email to the attendance officer: .
  • I have a medical or dental appointment
    Ask your parents to write a note which you should present to your tutor when you return. Your tutor will sign your planner so that you can leave school. When you leave school remember to sign out at reception.
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