After School Activities

Improving learners talents by doing two or three After School Activities (aka ASA) per week.

ASAs have been a successful part of life at BSL for a long time now and currently there are three sessions per year which are as follows:

  1. September - mid Dec 2019,

  2. From January to the Easter break

  3. After Easter to the beginning of June 2020.

The aim of these sessions is to give the chance to both learners and staff to be involved in a variety of after school activities. Doing an after school activity will look good for learners' university application. It is also the opportunity for learners to improve their inner talents apart from the academic ones.

Learners are fortunate to have two groups of ASA:

Non academic ones: MUN, football, basketball, chess, choir, band, philosophy and fitness , debating society, school production club, events club, to improve IBDP learners' leadership, Tennis, Horse riding, wall climbing club ,fencing, art club, Eco club, Afro beats club, table tennis, Alumni, CAS etc

Academic ones: Homework club, science innovation, maths club, exam skills club, reading club, Young entrepreneurs, etc

Another event is the monthly Inter house which is a house competition happening between the two houses of BSL: Cheetahs and Caracals.

This competition is held on the last Wednesday of each month and this is to help build a competitive spirit within the learners at BSL.

Endeavour is ALL!

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award