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Community Service CAS

Service in the community is a vital part of the culture of BSL. IB Students are expected to take part in weekly service in the community as part of their IB CAS obligation.

IB Students rebuilding  a health centre in a village
Making tracks within the local community


TRACKS was formed as a British School of Lomé service project to promote active community service in the school and improve the service offered to our service partners by students through fundraising. TRACKS is administered by a committee of teachers and student representatives. Please contact Mr. Ernest Dagbovie for further information:

IB Students donation to local schools

Tracks' Objectives

  1. To promote regular involvement in the local community and to develop skills of participation and responsible action.

  2. To raise money for variety of local projects.

  3. To give students opportunities to show individual initiative and to develop talents.

  4. To give students opportunities to plan and carry out fundraising activities and projects as members of a team.

  5. To reflect on the process of participation an responsible action.

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