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Over past couple of years we have been working with a few of our alumni, involving them in various projects. We have a group currently assisting us in putting together an alumni database that will facilitate the preparation and planning of the school’s 40th anniversary in September 2023.


Alumni Contributions

There is an alumnus - Sammy Sarr- who has an organic farm in the Plateau region of Togo, engaged in the cultivation of fruit trees, vegetables, fish-farming and beekeeping. He supplies our community with fresh produce periodically and encourages us all to eat healthy! He has shared his social enterprise ideas with our current students in a school assembly a few ago. There is a group of alumni -Cesario Somé, Edu Adodo and others- involved with TEDx who have planned to host an event in school but failed to do so because of covid restrictions. Hopefully, they can do that soon.

An alumnus -Parmeet Khanna-, who recently set up a mineral water factory in Lomé, has supported us with cartons of water during a simulation walk around La Caisse to cover the distance from Lomé to Lagos and back in June 2021, and our recent Business Fair in December 2022.

Recently published author of “Children of Stardust” with Penguin/Random House in the US, Edu Adodo recently held a creative writing workshop for our Year 10 learners – November 2022.

Edu Y10.jpg

We get regular visits by alumni who drop in to say hello and interact with current learners. Ilona Kavege has had presentation sessions with IB students on how to prepare for university, write the personal statement and choose the right school and career path. Some have come expressly to relive the experiences of International Weekend, watch a school production or be a part of the graduation ceremonies.

We were privileged to have Professor Toyin Clottey as guest speaker during one of our graduation ceremony.

You are always welcome to support the school and its current student body in whatever way you can. Stay in touch and help BSL continue to grow and excel!

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