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Head Of School Welcome Message

 A very warm welcome to our website.


Since BSL was founded in 1983, it has always been a family centred school. One of the great strengths of BSL is its friendly and inclusive community, which is a wonderful reflection of the people and culture of Togo. 


Parents, learners, and staff mix easily, making friends and enjoying each other’s company in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. We offer a safe, nurturing environment where we promote a love for learning. 


We want each one of our learners to be inspired and to enjoy their time with us, as we equip them with the knowledge and skills, they need to live full and enriching lives every day, now and in the future. 


From Nursery through to Sixth Form, each individual learner is deeply valued. Our small class sizes and generous learner – teacher ratio, facilitate our ability to unlock each individual learner’s potential and enable us to develop their talents.


 We foster independent mindedness, a creative spirit, courage, and kindness. BSL learners also develop a genuine sense of service to the community, good manners, and a quiet confidence. 


Rooted in tradition yet innovative in our approach, we combine the very best educational practice with a fresh and modern dimension. All our teachers work tirelessly to ensure that each learner is happy and successful.

 At BSL we combine all that is excellent in a British academic and pastoral education, with the IB enquiry-based programme. This provides our learners with the internationally recognised qualifications they need to pursue the careers of their choice. As our learners follow the academic programme at BSL, expanding their knowledge base and skills in different subject areas, they also develop their capacity for leadership, reflection, and service. 


We encourage our learners to be open-minded, principled, creative, and courageous.

We provide opportunities for them to be creative, develop their physical fitness, social and emotional well-being, and capacity for self-regulation.


 We support them and each other by upholding the fundamental qualities of tolerance, integrity, and fairness in our daily lives together. 


Please do contact the school if you would like to visit us, it would be a privilege to meet you.

Elizabeth Minnigin

Head of School
BA Joint Hons, PGCE (Cantab), Msc Ed.

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