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To provide an outstanding education in a safe and caring, environment, inspiring all our pupils to reach their true potential as lifelong learners and to act as responsible participants in a global world.


The British School of Lomé is a place where everyone has respect for themselves, others,
and the environment. We foster a caring and creative atmosphere where every child
succeeds and is encouraged to be an independent learner. We aim to encourage our
young people to think for themselves, be independent in their judgments, have the
courage and intelligence to make up their own minds on issues and stick to their opinion
unless the evidence clearly shows them to be wrong, in which case they should be open-
minded enough to admit their error.


‘Endeavour is all’

This reflects our concern that all our young people work to the best of their abilities
regardless of their academic prowess, as should all other members of our school

Core Values

1. Endeavour: We inspire our students to work hard, strive for excellence, and act
with integrity.
2. Respect: We value respect for oneself and others, and celebrate diversity.
3. Compassion: We cultivate compassion as a way of creating a caring and
supportive community.
4. Discipline: We foster discipline as a key to success in life.
5. Empowering Learners: We enable our students to be self-directed,
independent, and innovative learners who can solve real-world problems.
6. Excelling Through Life: We prepare our students to be responsible and active
global citizens who excel academically and personally.
7. Enriching Lives: We offer our students an exceptional range of enrichment
activities within and beyond our classrooms.
8. Every Child Matters: We respect every child’s individuality and provide them
with equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of the school.

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