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BSL Alumni

Greetings to all our wonderful alumni!

We are delighted to welcome you to this page on our website, which is home to our lively and engaged community of parents, current students and alumni.


Maintain Contact

Through this forum you will be able to interact with past students. We have very passionate individuals within our community who continue to work hard to maintain links between the school and its alumni. This helps us to promote networking and social contact opportunities.

We also plan yearly galas for charity through cultural events and a host of other activities that help grow our school, enrich the lives of our current students and keep us constantly engaged with our alumni.

To everyone out there who in one way or the other is connect to BSL, you are encouraged to keep in touch with institution that had a role to play in our lives – impacted us in various ways, our friends who stood by our side, supported and encouraged us throughout our memorable days at BSL.

Lomé, Togo
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