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40 years of “Endeavour is All!” – what a proud achievement, BSL! Here’s wishing our school, heartiest congratulations and also celebrating my own memories of being a student at BSL from 1998 all the way to 2010 (yes, I went through all the uniforms), I couldn’t have asked for a better educational system, after curricular activities that kept us more than busy, the staff who ran the school of a daily and still to this day spread cheer when alumni visit the teachers, to whom any credit will not be enough!

Looking back on my years in BSL, there are so many memories not just of the academic life but of everything that surrounded it. Not only did this school prep us to succeed academically but also equipped us with life skills – those that cannot be quantified but are imperative, those that changed me from timid, quiet girl to one with opinions and the confidence to express them whether it is at work or socially. The work we did with charities, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, the chess tournaments, the Triathlons, Sports Days and Interschool competitions, the unforgettable International Weekends, the theatre performances and the afterschool activity clubs, The London College of Music Exams – the list is endless! Through these years, I’ve made lifelong friends, some of whom I hope to celebrate with next week!

I cannot end this account without mentioning some teachers & staff without whom I would not be the person I am today – Mr and Mrs Sayer who names are synonymous to BSL’s existence, Mr Tickner for encouraging me in the Arts Sphere, Mr Thompson for being such a poignant influence on what I studied at university and eventually formed a career in, Mme Aupoix, Mme Amegnizin, Mme Diallo & Mme McGuiness for the profound love I have for languages to this day, Mr McManus for guiding me through the London College of Music exams in violin and singing, Mr Anquandah for not just being an excellent chemistry teacher but also for helping me hone confidence in chess – I still have a local newspaper clipping of us during an interstate chess tournament, Mr Jackson with his quirky science experiments, Mr Aupoix and his discipline - especially at the school discos, Jombri, the Fanmilk man, to whom my pocket money went for his ‘just right’ slushy Tampico, Mr Liberty, Herve and Leo cooped up in the in room that housed so much filming, printing and electrical equipment that it felt like something out of a sci-fi movie…I could go on, I spent 12 years at BSL after all!

If I’m ever asked about where I went to school, I’m extremely proud to recount tales of BSL, nestled in a tiny country in Africa, the school grounds, the club and boarding houses hold so many fond memories! As they say, “the best days are our school days” – I couldn’t agree more. They will forever be cherished, thank you for the memories!

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