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Edwina C. d’ALMEIDA interview

Edwina C. d’ALMEIDA

is the Bilingual Executive

Assistant to the Chairman of



Interview by Esinam Esi DAGBOVIE

Esinam E. DAGBOVIE: How did you get to hear about BSL before making up your mind to attend? 

Edwina C. d’ALMEIDA: It was my parents’ choice.

EED: Did you go to a French school before coming to BSL? 

ECD: Only until the age of 5.

EED: Did the school live up to your expectations and that of your parents too? 

ECD: Before I came to BSL I was studying in the UK, so you can imagine I wasn’t very pleased with my parents. However, my experience in BSL as a day student was wonderful. I enjoyed every moment spent with my IB classmates and teachers.

EED: How long were you at BSL for? 

ECD: I was there years

EED: How did you find the IB Diploma Programme?

ECD: I wasn’t keen on it in the beginning as I wanted to do the A levels. 

EED: Was it what you expected? 

ECD: It was excellent, better than I expected especially CAS.

EED: Did you end up with a Bilingual Diploma? 

ECD: Regrettably not! But being bilingual is something that came naturally to me with time and working in a bilingual environment. 

EED: Where did you go to university? And what are your qualifications?

ECD: Middlesex University in London, UK. I have a Joint Majors in International Studies, Business and Political Studies. I am also a certified Cambridge Primary School Examiner and a qualified Montessori teacher. 

EED: Did your education at BSL, the discipline, diversity and the school’s ethos ever help in your university experience? 

ECD: Definitely a Yes! We are open in the ways we interact with people from all walks of life.

EED: Are there any fond memories you have of BSL you would like to share with us? 

ECD: Going camping, taking part in school shows, International day, volunteering at SOS and the list goes on….

EED: Did you start work immediately upon completing your university studies?

ECD: I worked part-time while studying.

EED: Where do you work presently and in what capacity? 

ECD: At BOAD (Banque Ouest Africaine de Developpement) in Lomé.

EED: Do you have a family and if so are your children in a French or English school? 

ECD: I am married with 2 children. They are in the French School.

EED: Do you have any words of advice for BSL students, especially the IB students?

ECD: Build on your dissertation skills. You might think that those 1500 words essays you are being asked to write are too much but it’s preparing you for University life. Also enjoy time spent with your classmates.

EED: Would you like to come to school one day and have a chat with IBDP students? 

ECD: It would be my pleasure if my schedule permits me.

EED: Thank you so much for taking time out to do this. 

ECD: You are welcome.

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