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Sena Ahadji

Abdallah Abdelwedoud: How long were you at BSL?

Sena Ahadji: I was at BSL for 15 years, between 1992 and 2007

AA: Where did you study before you came to BSL?

SA: At a French school called Jardin d’enfants Christiana.

AA: What was the reason that attracted you to BSL?

SA: My mum worked there as the catering manageress.

AA: To what extent were you happy with your choice of school?

SA: It was my parent’s decision, not mine.

AA: How would you describe your IB experience?

SA: Formative, life-changing

AA: What did you do after BSL?

SA: I took a year off to do an internship with a company called Printwear Services Ltd before attending Coventry University

AA: Were there any special housing options for international students at university?

SA: There were different kinds of accommodation. Apartments that were self-catered or student halls that were catered. You had to choose which suited you best and which was within your budget. Staying in student halls helped you to meet and make new friends. You had the option of moving into a house or staying in your preferred student accommodation in your second year.

AA: What skill or skills did you acquire at BSL that have helped support your career?

SA: Interpersonal, teamwork, presentation, organizational, proactivity, creativity, and service skills.

AA: Which challenges did you face in your IB experience and how did you prevail?

SA: Presentations and public speaking were always challenging for me. I overcame them by practicing and rehearsing myself.

AA: Many people, especially in Africa, consider Art as a risky career, so when did you realize you had a true passion for art?

SA: From a very young age, Art was the one thing that seemed to captivate and fascinate me.

AA: What are some of your personal achievements which could inspire our own BSL artists?

SA: Over the years I have had the pleasure of doing a Tedx talk in Accra. I’ve also been fortunate to have had a couple of exhibitions and a feature on CNN and Italian Vogue. (LINK BELOW).

AA: Looking back on your scholarly life, what part of your routine would you change?

SA: I would definitely have read more books and spent even more time experimenting with different art materials.

AA: Where are you now and can you tell us a bit about what you have been up to?

SA: I am currently living and working as a freelance graphics illustrator in Accra Ghana. I work from my art studio. I have been working on some personal art pieces, updating my portfolio and working on some packaging design for a client.

AA: Any advice you would offer current IB students you wish someone gave you?

SA: Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Always do your research on opportunities available for international students. Educate yourself on your rights as an international student. Document what projects you are working on. Do not spend all your pocket money on freshers’ week. Embrace your authenticity and genuinity.


Making a difference through arts and design | Sena Dede Ahadji | TEDxAccra

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