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Lower Secondary

Lower secondary is the level of education that a learner begins when they turn 11. This stage truly represents a journey from childhood into the early stages of adulthood. They build on and develop their academic and social skills, which allow for new learning opportunities, both in terms of subjects and working methods. Project management skills are taught and supported by the teaching staff at this stage.

secondary students democracy
secondary school student

BSL follows the guidelines of the Cambridge UK curriculum whilst incorporating key elements of innovation, global citizenship and project management, this is aimed at not only preparing students for further studies but also to make them into life long learners who can, and want to learn independently to achieve their potential.

Whilst in KS3 we also encourage our learners to experience a wide range of activities both in and out of the classroom to help them grow, this is achieved by a wide range of after school activities as well as a STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). This is also seen in the classroom where we offer various activities that help students develop their skills, as well as a weekly ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education’ lesson which is aimed at teaching students about a wide range of social issues as well as improving their social skills.

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