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Casey St. Luce

Casey St. LUCE is an American from Florida. He is an old student of BSL currently in school in Pennsylvania.

Richman Meto: Thank you for taking the time to do this with me, Casey, I’m honoured.

Casey St. Luce: I am happy to do this, and thanks for considering me.

RM: How long were you at BSL for?

CS: Four years. From 2010 to 2014

RM: Where were you in school before coming to BSL?

CS: Pembroke Pines, Florida.

RM: What subjects did you study for IGCSE and the IB Programme? And how did the experience at BSL compare with that of Pembroke Pines?

CS: I did Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, French, History, Math, and Drama for IGCSE. For the IB I did Math, Chemistry, and Biology at a higher level, and English, Spanish, and Theatre at standard level. The experience was different. BSL had fewer students per teacher; teachers in the United States stuck to the syllabus whereas at BSL the teachers invested in the students’ education. If you didn’t complete an assignment, they would reach out and find out what happened versus just giving you a bad grade.

RM: Was the school environment conducive and beneficial to your growth?

CS: I think that’s a loaded question. Overall, I think the environment was good for me, and I think I’ve benefited from it.

RM: What university did you attend after your IB course?

CS: I went to Temple University in Philadelphia and studied Biochemistry. I’m currently at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

RM: What kind of a doctor is it you hope to become and why?

CS: I want to become an Emergency medicine doctor. I want to help save lives and be of service to humanity, those patients with acute and life-threatening, critical medical conditions.

RM: What are some of the things that you have done to remain consistent in your studies?

CS: Keeping my eyes on the prize! If I ever start the slack on my studies, it’s because I am not motivated as I could be. To remedy this, I remind myself by asking – why am I doing what I am doing. That usually helps. Delayed gratification!

RM: What are some of the challenges you faced in your studies and how did you overcome them?

CS: One challenge I faced was comparing myself to other students who will always make you feel like you are not doing enough. To overcome this, I have to remind myself that we are each running our own race.

RM: Do you have any achievements that you are proud of?

CS: I’m proud of the fact that I have been able to set long-term goals and achieve them. I remember being in BSL and planning on going to medical school. I remember thinking about what extracurricular I would do in medical school, thinking about what had to be done to get from where I was to achieving my long-term goals. Somehow, I was able to take those steps. Truthfully, if you had asked me six years ago where I would be today, I would have told you exactly where I am in life right now! Much of that is luck, but hard work also played a part. I’m proud of that.

RM: How did you know exactly what you wanted to study?

CS: The first step is to know what you value the most. Self-reflection really helps with that. Knowing my values really made the choice easy.

RM: Any advice for those who are unsure about which direction they would want to take in life?

CS: Life is long and at the same time, life is very short. Understand what matters most in life. I can tell you right now what matters most in life is relationships – relationships that you have with friends, family, and others. Go in the direction that leads to internal happiness. Work hard, and don’t forget the people that helped you along the way. Probably not the best answer because truthfully I haven’t fully worked out what direction I want to take in life. No one really has that answer…

RM: Wow, incredible, that was some answer there! Anyway, Casey, thank you so much for your time. It’s much appreciated. Hopefully, we will try and emulate your achievements and do ourselves and BSL proud.

CS: You do that, please, and keep your eyes firmly fixed on the prize. That’s about all it takes!


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